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Living and working in the future

For politics and society

How will we live and work in the future? Are we still working at all?  Who will pay for our livelihood? Who pays taxes? How will we define a fulfilled and happy life in the future?

A new world view

The rescaling of our world has begun. Climate change and disruptive new technologies are changing us and our environment sustainably. A wide range of initiatives around the world are striving to find the answers to these challenges. It is time to combine these efforts in a new worldview. Are you ready?

The Meaning of Life

The breathtaking advances in AI research are forcing us to redefine the relationship between »man and machine« and to rethink our understanding of work and meaning. We are currently experiencing the emergence of a technological life form and thus the birth of a new age. Will AI take over our work in the first step and later claim our place in the world? What would be useful and desirable?

The Great Social Transformation

We need a new world view that is mostly desirable, that is not characterized by self-destructive exploitation, advantage, prohibitions, demarcation and surveillance. A vision that emphasizes a healthy balance between abundance and wealth for all with a sustainable circular economy. The new technologies play a central role in this. Find out more.

We must act

We can still determine what should become reality and what needs to be controlled. A comfortable »business as usual« is not an option. Which new social models are currently being discussed and which combinations are possible? And how can all this be financed? We are not helpless. Many good ideas and answers are already on the table. Let us actively set the standards for a new world.

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Set Impulses


If man does not think about what lies in the distant future, he will regret it in the near future.


Identify Opportunities


The future belongs to those who recognize the possibilities before they become obvious.

(Oscar Wilde)

Evaluate Probabilities


Don’t believe everything you think.

(Haemin Sunim)

Develop Strategies


It is not a matter of predicting the future, but of being prepared for the future.


Implement, Integrate


First do the necessary, then the possible, and suddenly you do the impossible.

(Francis of Assisi)

Next Level


Logic takes you from A to B. Your imagination will take you anywhere​.

(Albert Einstein)