12 years of AI experience – 30 years of corporate and organizational development

Shaping the future with passion

Vision Statement: Shaping the economy and society for the future

We are facing the greatest upheaval in human history, with enormous challenges. The »old truths« no longer apply.

The Great Social Transformation

We need a new world view that is mostly desirable, that is not characterized by self-destructive exploitation, advantage, prohibitions, demarcation and surveillance. A vision that emphasizes a healthy balance between abundance and wealth for all with a sustainable circular economy. Technology has always improved our lives. Let us use these forces to master the great challenges of our time. To this end, we must set the right framework conditions.

Mission Statement: »Turning knowledge into benefits«

We give decision-makers in business, politics and society the tools to act in the new world.

Our corporate values and goals

We are at the turning point of a new era. The old values and paradigms are dissolving. The world of tomorrow needs new patterns of thought, new approaches to solutions. The current economic and ecological challenges will change our world. Companies and our society must see these problems as an opportunity if they want to be successful in the long term.

We are already helping to shape the world of tomorrow today by constantly comparing our solutions and experience with the latest scientific findings of leading minds and institutions. The focus of our work is a holistic, systemic approach with contemporary values.

We achieve sustainable success by constantly converting knowledge into benefits for our customers. Our work is based on innovative solutions, strong implementation concepts and high-quality integration.


We know that trust is the prerequisite for any good cooperation and that a high level of social competence is necessary to work effectively and sustainably. Confidentiality, which we guarantee at all times, is just as important to us as transparency within project-oriented work.

Today’s working environments are highly networked. Therefore, we think holistically and in systemic contexts in order to generate profound benefits for our customers. Quality, reliability and professional competence are self-evident basic characteristics of our working approach.