Quality Management


To enable a timely, qualitatively perfect start of production processes, all interrelated conditions must be met. Targeted in-process quality control ensures that the required quality and quantity can be produced and supplied in a timely manner process throughout the entire value chain. Our quality management experts accompany and monitor the development of critical components worldwide.


Pre-planning quality with APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) provides the guidelines for the planning and development phases of the product.

This ensures that the specified quality objectives of all stakeholders in the value chain are met as part of the quality management.

Six sigma

We guarantee a systematic approach to improving your processes using the Six Sigma method. 

Six Sigma’s scientific approach ensures long-term success, especially for complex challenges. 

We increase the quality of your services by objectively inspecting processes and permanently eliminating sources for error through the consistent use of the Six Sigma tool.


Quality management consulting

With our Total Quality Management (TQM) holistic approach, you can permanently increase the quality of all processes, products, and services in your organisation. We optimise the workflows in your company with clear objectives and target/performance comparisons.

Quality management is an important and complex area in good company management. We can assist you in implementing this in an efficient and targeted manner. Just contact us.