Lean Management 

For efficient industrial production

Concepts such as lean enterprise, lean management, lean production, lean development or lean Six Sigma describe the subject of efficient management in a production company or a corporate unit. Today these tools are standard for any successful industrial company. The offer of »lean« programmes and directions is diverse and accordingly confusing.

Our lean philosophy

Our lean philosophy is geared to the description of Bruce A. Henderson and Jorge L. Larco. Based on this framework, we have developed our own building kit for further, modular lean management methods, our »LEAN NAVIGATOR«. However, we are convinced that there is only one correct lean orientation: yours. Only the adaptation to your special established corporate structures and features will permit sustainable success. Our lean management team consists exclusively of specialists with long years of practical experience. We can effectively pursue your internal and external company goals and also assist your company to become more customer-oriented and reducing costs.


Change management

An important basic prerequisite for the sustainable implementation of a new lean programme is the readiness to accept something new. That is why our team has also been trained in change management and has strong intercultural skills. Thus, we satisfy your international demands as well.