Design for Manufacturing

Functional production development for optimal results

Developing products functionally and in modules, in accordance with standardised and robust production plants is the key to low and budgeted costs for production and quality. To this end, we combine tested processes with new methods in the »DFM NAVIGATOR«.

Our approach to efficient design for manufacturing

First we analyse your products and organise them both customer and sales-oriented. After that we define the concept order for the respective product group and the individual product. During the following phases, product development and production technology are designed with various proven and new methods such as the design for Six Sigma, for a robust and cost-efficient production with extremely low quality costs. During the entire product and process design, we always keep the needs of your target groups at the heart of our thinking.

Your advantages

By using design for manufacturing early on, which we efficiently implement adapted to your requirements, there are numerous advantages for your company:

  • Modular standardisation of the production process
  • Prompt quality assurance and high product quality
  • Optimal price/performance ratio for your products
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of redesign costs
  • More efficient development processes


With »DFM NAVIGATOR« we obtain affordable and highly efficient products for your company. Just contact us and let us advise you.