Industrial Management

Comprehensive services

We dominate production and plant management across the entire range and complexity. We reliably assist our customers with comprehensive engineering and management services for all industrial, operative disciplines.

This includes the launch management of new products and also entire production plants as well as the setup of necessary supply chains with the qualitative development of suppliers.

Industrial engineering, including the disciplines of plant planning and work preparation, is also one of our core competencies.

Other effective services include production, lean management, and quality management. Finally, we attach great importance to »design for manufacturing« as a strong link to production development.  

Production at one-minute intervals

The heartbeat of the production world beats at one-minute intervals. Work sequences are calculated and planned in seconds. People, machines, and materials must be exactly controlled and intermeshed. Not just once, but continuously, in constantly new sequences with various levels of complexity and speed. The more complex the internal and external production chains, the greater the possibilities and probabilities of defects.

Expertise, experience and endurance

The exact, robust and yet flexible planning of this machinery and its perfect operation depends on a great deal of expertise, experience and endurance as well as a completely professional approach.

The planned development process of the product becomes reality in the manufacturing. This process must prove itself time and again and meet all requirements, both qualitatively as well as quantitatively. Our employees are well aware of this.

Operations management consulting

We ambitiously take over the operative implementation of your projects. If needed, we also offer a number of management models and can train your team in the safe use of these unique systems.