Research and Development

Recognize potential for innovation and increase ROI

Manufacturing glass panels using the polyurethane RIM process is a very complex and resource-intensive procedure, which is far from reaching to its innovation limits. The further development of the products and process is our greatest passion. Its innovation potential can be found in the entire glass encapsulation value chain. ROI increases of 30% can be easily realised if this potential is utilised and the product design is synchronised with our advanced process technologies. That is why we are already designing processes in the R&D, which are optimally adapted to your company and your products.

Design for manufacturing

Satisfying market demands is a basic requirement for the success of a product. However, very high product demands often generate features which push the complex glass panel manufacturing process to the edge of technical feasibility. Equally high are the rejection and reworking rates, which burden profitability. The coordination and integration of product design and profitable, standardised production are central concerns for us and begin in the conceptual phase of the product.

If the product design is consistently synchronised with technological means and the potential of the entire supply chain, then quality costs can be lowered dramatically. We create a cost-cutting process that meets the highest requirements with our »design for manufacturing« approach.

Take advantage of our unique expertise

We are the independent expert service which can cover the entire value chain in the demanding area of »glass encapsulation« worldwide - including research and development. We provide qualified specialists who have over 20 years of experience in this specific market and have significantly affected it. We are looking forward talking with you – just contact us.