Process Technology

Our solution for a complex process technology

The control and management of the manufacturing process in the field of polyurethane glass encapsulation is complex and extensive. Each, even small deviation in the entire procedure process has serious effects. Therefore it is sometimes referred to as “black magic”. In reality, the causes for product problems are numerous and diverse so that even the expert can quickly lose track. That is why we developed the »RIM NAVIGATOR« which has proven itself when it comes to finding causes and trouble-shooting. We have developed a tool that analyses and sustainably eliminates problems in the procedure process thus bringing polyurethane glass encapsulation process technology a decisive step forward.

Manufacturing engineering

Special requirements are put on plant design and operation planning. Our manufacturing engineering experts have mastered the specific procedures and technologies. Our day-to-day business is the trouble-free and reliable interlinking starting with the incoming goods control of vendor parts to the primer process and on to various tool technologies, mould carriers, dosing machines and tank technology. And of course we also integrate downstream assembly technologies such as sealing, curved parts checks, intermediate storage, and packaging into our work.

Our team design an overall layout that is efficient, practical and customised to your specific situation.

We would also be glad to plan a complete production plant (learn more at: Turnkey Solutions.) Just contact us - we provide qualified, non-binding advice.