Strategy & Innovation

Defining purpose and direction

The development and implementation of company strategies is of primary importance.

Basic questions like »Who are we? What do we stand for today? Where do we want to be tomorrow? Will our core skills be competitive in the future?« have to be answered at regular intervals over and over.

Strategy and innovation consulting

The world is at the turning point of a new age. Old values and paradigms are increasingly losing their importance which is why the present strategic orientation is more than ever a new direction deciding the existence of every company. We combine recognised, time-tested methods with the latest scientifically sound approaches to develop your solid, sustainable corporate strategy.

The power of innovation; the lifeblood of your company

Innovation management with the »INNOVATIONS NAVIGATOR«. We develop and evaluate your innovations for the future together with your team using our in-house developed and tested 7 phases method, the »INNOVATIONS NAVIGATOR«. Adapted to the specific situation at your company, we generate and analyse your ideas for viability and sustainability and take, in particular, the approaches to solutions by leading authorities into consideration for future values.

The »INNOVATIONS NAVIGATOR« developed by pmd manageering is a proven decision-making aid for company innovation.