Management Systems

Transparent work processes

Merging systems and presenting them clearly in an Integrated Management System (IMS) creates more efficiency in any work process. Only then is Business Intelligence effective. We transparently and plausibly bring together everything that makes your company what it is in one single management system - in your management system.

Goals are set and the direction is clearly identifiable. The »who, where, how and why?« can be easily understood by all participants using the »ENTERPRISE NAVIGATOR«. The navigator which we developed takes established, integrated management systems like TQM or EFQM into account and is also flexibly customised to your company. Your specific needs are our priority.

Coordinate processes and design them flexibly

We synchronise your systems, structures and processes. These include ERP, CRM, MES, PDM/PLM/ECR or systems like OHSAS and data protection management and comprehensive systems such as the QM system to name a few. We design this networking to be understandable for all system users in the organisational structure to achieve its full effect. Because the management system has to flexibly respond to changes, we work with a systematic and comprehensive viewpoint and working method. Our »ENTERPRISE NAVIGATOR« is a tool which records all organisational structures and processes and visibly merges them into an overall context. One team, one goal, one management system.

Process design: implementing new processes in the management system

When developing and implementing new processes, the overall structure of the company must always be taken into account. A new system must not only meet the demands of a certain area in a company, but it must also smoothly integrate into the existing infrastructure of other departments. We have a global view of your company at all times and pay special attention to the compatibility when integrating new systems and designing optimal processes. We support you with our expertise in your expansion efforts and develop control instruments so that you can work in an efficient and networked manner.

Process reengineering

An objective look from the outside frequently reveals hidden potential which can increase your company’s performance and innovation capacity. We are experts at identifying hidden obstacles and creating affordable and viable solutions. By process controlling and the analysis of relevant process key figures, we also uncover the small things which slow you down in day-to-day business and production. That’s why we optimise if needed, focussing on the separate process flows - always keeping an eye on the overall picture during the reengineering process.