Interim Management

Overcome shortages

Loss of a good manager or expert weighs heavily on a company. There are various reasons for such a loss - illness, new internal or external challenges - a substantial loss can seldom be absorbed by the existing staff. Finding a qualified replacement short-term is more or less an impossible task. For such interim situations we provide temporary management in all operative areas: top management, middle management or specific technical positions. We assist you in overcoming bottlenecks and bridge gaps quickly and reliably. Upon request we will provide training for your successor candidates. We provide you with everything from bridging vacancy gaps to expanding capacities to know-how transfers between employees all from a single source.

Expand resources smartly 

Are you planning a new unit or do you need to expand your capacities in existing units due to good market conditions? In both cases, the need for resources is initially greater but often levels off at a level not yet known. Our specialists are trained to set up new units along the entire industrial and operative value chain. They are also familiar with what it takes to expand existing capacities and will accompany or monitor your projects until a stable situation has been reached.

Master short-term, special jobs professionally

Do you have time-limited work or special tasks which can’t be postponed? Does your team need targeted temporary support? Our interim managers are there for you. We take care of jobs entrusted to us quickly and professionally. With our interim management, we cover your staffing requirements at short notice - without long-term commitments or employment contracts.