Industrial Management System

The navigation system for your production plant

Our »FACTORY NAVIGATOR« is the Industrial Management System for the universal, company-wide, standardised management of production facilities. With the Factory Management System, we bridge the risky gaps that result from one-sided production plant management.

The plant manager of a company division manages and makes decisions based on his level of knowledge and specialised business or technical orientation. This often incurs costly consequences that result from one-sided management of corporate units. With »FACTORY NAVIGATOR«, we bridge this gap and provide an optimally balanced management of your company unit.

Company-specific adaptation

For the first time there is a system that provides the plant manager and his team with everything that is needed to successfully manage a production plant in a plausible and consistent way. The company-specific range of topics are taken into account and easily embedded in the Factory Management System. You receive a management concept that can be applied standardised to all plants and production units.


We train your plant managers as well as their management crews and implement the system in your production plants world-wide. We pay special attention to the mentality of the country and the situation on-site. Our specialists are familiar with the respective regions and their cultures as well as the social relationships and consider these special situations when training your workforce. The introduction of the new is always associated with a special tact for Change Management.